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Quick Setup Page

  • by opens its Quick Set Up page. Here is a fast, no nonsense page on how to hatch out your Triops kit with optimum results.

Food Recipe Page

  • by opens its food recipe page. It’s fun to find new foods to feed your Triops.If you have fed your Triops with any foods not mentioned on this page, then drop me an email and I’ll add your recipe!

Triops found in Scotsland

  • by

Scotland finds Triops cancriformis alive and well after thought extinct for more than fifty years. Whilst the United Kingdom has had Triops in England for quite some time now (ok, 220 million years), they were not thought to exist elsewhere in the U.K.The Triops cancriformis in the U.K. are actually… Read More »Triops found in Scotsland

Photo gallery

  • by opens its photo and video gallery for Triops Enthusiasts to freely upload pictures or movies of their tank setups and Triops. Anyone can add comments and even vote on their favourite picture.

Mailing list

  • by opens its free moderated archived mailing list for any Triops enthusiast to discuss their experiences and tips on rearing Triops. launch

  • by is registered on the Internet by Stuart Halliday based in Scotland. The purpose of is to gather all information on the Triops creature into one big resource. Because at the moment it’s all very fragmented across the Internet. I hope to offer articles on rearing Triops, feeding tips,… Read More » launch