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Triops featured on BBC Radio 4

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The BBC Radio 4 programme ‘Saving Species’ episode 18 talks about the Tadpole Shrimp population in Scotland.You can listen to the programme below.PDF documents about these Scottish sites can be found in our Scientific Paper section, see paper # 19

Species Updates

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More studies of the subspecies of Triops cancriformis Triops cancriformis simplex and Triops cancriformis mauritanicus added to the site. See Paper 16 in our scientific paper section. A new species, Lepidurus cryptus discovered in North America. See Paper 15 in our scientific paper section.

Triops australiensis Goes on Sale

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For the first time in the UK, species Triops australiensis, the Shield Shrimp, goes on sale.Cornish Crispa Co., live plant and pet care suppliers, have announced that from today they are selling on their UK web site the Australian species of Triops – Triops australiensis australiensis. If you wish to hatch… Read More »Triops australiensis Goes on Sale

Scientific Papers Page

  • by opens its science paper section. read some interesting and very indepth articles on the Triops species. You will require a copy of Acrobat Reader to read these PDF files.

FAQ Revamp

  • by revamp its FAQ pages for more easy to understand topics on the raising of Triops for beginners.