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About is currently run solely by one person - Rutger De Maeyer. But was formerly ran by Stuart Halliday.
Rutger took over the website since it was offline for a long time and just gathering digital dust. As you can see he gave the website a new sleek look.

Stuart is a 40 years (plus) IT Engineer by trade and lives in the town of Livingston in the country of Scotland which is a part of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

Yes, Stuart is a Scotsman and has been know to wear his kilt outside even when it's not a wedding.

He lives with his wonderful wife, Lesley Halliday, who is a librarian by trade and so knows books like you would never believe. She puts up with his various Aquariums around the house and forgives him for bringing in strange aquatic creatures to share their home.

Stuart started this web site in 2004 as he realised that though there were various web sites on the Notostracan creatures, most web sites were several years old, hardly updated and there wasn't a central site containing all the necessary information on these fascinating animals.

His goal in life is simply to gather and share knowledge and most importantly - Do as little harm as possible whilst on this planet.

If you wish to email him, then please do at :
(please un-mangle it first to ensure it gets to him)

But please don't email him asking questions about how to bring up your Triops or where to get eggs if you've not donated.
He gets sent a lot of questions and they can all be answered if you read the site or better still join the MyTriops mailing list and ask there.

Rutger is a Flemish guy born in the year 2000 and thus a millenial. He has been gathering and keeping critters since he was a child.

Currently he is studying Business Engineering and Information Management at the University of Antwerp. You can contact him for any questions relating this website. Any questions, user submitted articles or other stuff are welcome.

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