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15st August 2018

Huge revamp of

It has been almost 8 years ago since something new has been posted on this blog page. But as you clearly can tell, this website is still alive and kicking! And this time with a new skin.

I've been working on this new updated website since the ownership transfer of 15th july 2018. And I have obviously done some updates to this site:

  • The website is back online (duhh)
  • A new modern and mobile friendly theme
  • Some SEO optimization
  • An official facebook page and facebook group. But please note that I'm planning to launch a Triops forum using the Carbon forum software.
  • The old gallery archive of and the old yahoo groups are now available.
  • An updated links list where others can submit their links.
  • Fixed broken links
  • Added https
  • Other minor things

If you want to contact Rutger De Maeyer, the new admin of this website, you can use this contact form.
All suggestions, questions and other things related to this website are welcome.

Coming soon:

  • A new Triops forum with modern mobile-friendly forum software. In the meanwhile you can use our official Facebook group.
  • German translation
  • Dutch translation
  • Russian translation
  • French translation
  • Some mysterious project I'm working on.

Volunteers for translation are always welcome. Please note that I added some ads to this website to compensate the upkeep costs but the domain name and hosting still cost more than this website actually makes.

The old version of can still be accessed here.

31st August 2010

The BBC Radio 4 programme 'Saving Species' episode 18 talks about the Tadpole Shrimp population in Scotland.
See this page to listen to the programme - BBC Radio 4 Notostraca
PDF documents about these Scottish sites can be found in our Scientific Paper section, see paper # 19

31st July 2010

More rare Triops sites uncovered in Scotland.

The BBC News site has reported that more of the protected Triops cancriformis colonies have been found in South West Scotland at Caerlaverock reserve in Dumfries and Galloway. This is good news for this species as perviously it was only known to exist in one secret place in Scotland and in another in England in the New Forest.
More can be found at BBC News and at the Wildfowl & Wetlands Trust site.

15th November 2007

Silly time in the News - 'A Prehistoric Fish in a Russian Pond'

A story is going about recently of a giant 5 foot long 'fish' found in Russia.
It is of course nearly impossible to tell the scale of the animal in the photos shown. But let's not let the facts get in the way of a good story shall we?

Take a look yourself - News must be slow if other sites are taking in by this hoax.
Still any publicity is good publicity I say...

2nd November 2007

Triops numidicus image comes to light and it's a biggy.

Picture owned by Eric Quéinnec & Adeline Lecot

This Triops picture come from Morocco, Africa and shows an adult Triops. Must be one of the biggest Triops I've seen.
Click on the above image to see another view.

Thanks to Don Dasis, Eric Quéinnec and Adeline Lecot.

Also a recently published paper 'Evidence for cryptic species in the tadpole shrimp Triops granarius', indicates that Triops numidicus should in fact be named Triops granarius. See paper # 17 in our Paper section.

12th September 2006

First pictures of the rare species of Triops - Lepidurus arcticus have been revealed. This amazing Triops hatches out at summer time in Greenland and the Svalbard islands where the temperature of their lakes and pools drops to 6C (42F) or lower! See the species page for a first look!

My many thanks to biologists Tomas Willems and Hans van Loy from Belgium.

18th August 2006

More studies of the subspecies of Triops cancriformis Triops cancriformis simplex and Triops cancriformis mauritanicus added to the site. See Paper 16 in our scientific paper section.

A new species, Lepidurus cryptus discovered in North America. See Paper 15 in our scientific paper section.

17th October 2005

For the first time in the UK, species Triops australiensis, the Shield Shrimp, goes on sale.
Cornish Crispa Co., live plant and pet care suppliers, have announced that from today they are selling on their UK web site the Australian species of Triops - Triops australiensis australiensis.

If you wish to hatch out this elusive species and you live in the UK. Then pop over to Cornish Crispa Co.

23rd September 2005 opens its science paper section. read some interesting and very indepth articles on the Triops species. You will require a copy of Acrobat Reader to read these PDF files.

12th September 2005 revamp its FAQ pages for more easy to understand topics on the raising of Triops for beginners.

8th January 2005 opens its Containers page. Common questions about raising Triops in containers are hopefully answered here.

30th December 2004 opens its Quick Set Up page. Here is a fast, no nonsense page on how to hatch out your Triops kit with optimum results.

27th December 2004 opens its food recipe page. It's fun to find new foods to feed your Triops.
If you have fed your Triops with any foods not mentioned on this page, then drop me an email and I'll add your recipe!

19th October 2004

Scotland finds Triops cancriformis alive and well after thought extinct for more than fifty years.

Whilst the United Kingdom has had Triops in England for quite some time now (ok, 220 million years), they were not thought to exist elsewhere in the U.K.
The Triops cancriformis in the U.K. are actually an endangered species as more and more of their native pools are dried up and converted to farm or housing land.

16th October 2004 opens its photo and video gallery for Triops Enthusiasts to freely upload pictures or movies of their tank setups and Triops. Any one can add comments and even vote on their favourite picture.

15th October 2004 opens its free moderated archived mailing list for any Triops enthusiast to discuss their experiences and tips on rearing Triops.

11th October 2004 is registered on the Internet by Stuart Halliday based in Scotland.

The purpose of is to gather all information on the Triops creature into one big resource. Because at the moment it's all very fragmented across the Internet.

I hope to offer articles on rearing Triops, feeding tips, tank maintence, reviews of the various types of commerical Triops kits you can buy, a free photograph and movie gallery, a spammer free, safe mailing List to discuss your latest Triops creatures and not forgetting good scientfic advice on the Triops species.
I'd like to also offer at some point a little shop where people can safely purchase Triops kit online (this will help to offset the expense of running MyTriops).

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