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Here is a list of web site that I feel offer valuable information on looking after aquatic creatures. It isn't restricted to just sites that deal with the raising of Triops, as keeping aquatic animals is usually a wide reaching and enjoyable hobby.

For example at the moment I've got tanks with Triops, aquatic frogs, shrimps, snails and of course various tropical fish.

My hope is that if you've raised Triops successfully, you may want to move on and raise one of the many other aquatic creatures that are available to you from your local pet or aquarium shop.

On to my list...

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Triops support groups Triops shops Major Triops suppliers. Triop articles and some other oddities Online Shops or companies selling products to help you raise your aquatic animal. Advice on how to keep an aquarium tank. Plants that you keep in your tank. Information on the various fish you can buy from your local shop. Information on the types of frogs you can raise. Why not try raising freshwater shrimp? Let's not forget raising snails. Problem solving sites.

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