Lepidurus arcticus

Lepidurus arcticus

L. arcticus is one of the most unique of the triops. Not only does it inhabit permanent fresh bodies of water, it is even known to coexist with arctic charr in some deep Norwegian, Greenland and Svalbard lakes. As a rule, though, it lives in high arctic lakes shallower than 6 meters – the lakes freeze completely during the colder seasons and this keeps fish from living there.  Scientists are actively studying the trophic relation between L. arcticus and the arctic charr in those lakes they coexist in to understand the delicate ecology better.

Major species

Lepidurus arcticus




  • Asia (Northern)
    • Kuril Archipelago
    • Russia
  • Europe (Northern)
    • Norway
    • Greenland
    • Svalbard


Cold temporary freshwater pools but is also found in streams and lakes where conditions allow

Temperature range

Minimum 4-7°C

Body ring/segments

26 – 28; 4 – 5 apodous


41 – 46

Notable characters

The endites of the 1st thoracic appendage barely reach edge of the carapace, supra anal plate very small relative to other Lepidurus, second maxilla present


Bisexual (female biased) and hermaphroditic

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