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  • by opens its photo and video gallery for Triops Enthusiasts to freely upload pictures or movies of their tank setups and Triops. Anyone can add comments and even vote on their favourite picture.

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Siam Live Aquarium Hatch Your own Prehistoric Pets 200 TRIOPS Eggs Alive T.LONGICAUDATUS Living Fossil from The Age of Dinosaurs
  • {Living fossil} - Fossil have been found and back to more than 220 million years ago. They are thougt to have been on the planet even longer than that, up to 350 million years
  • {Just add water} for watch the prehistoric sea creature egg hatch and come to life
  • { Make your own ancient environment }
  • {Learn fun facts} from seeing the life cycle of your ancient pets
  • { 1 set include } 50 triops eggs in capsule and get free bubble air stone
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