The website has been revamped

It has been almost 8 years since something new has been posted on this blog. But as you can tell, this website is clearly still alive and kicking. And this time I changed the theme of the website, this theme is only temporary and I will add a new one later on.

I’ve been working on this website since the ownership transfer of 15th july 2018. And I have done some updates to this site:

  • The website is back online (duhh)
  • A new modern and mobile friendly theme
  • Some SEO optimization
  • An official facebook page and facebook group.
  • The old gallery archive of and the old yahoo groups are now available.
  • An updated links list where others can submit their links.
  • Fixed all the broken links
  • Added SSL
  • Other minor updates

If you want to contact Rutger D.M, the new admin of this website, you can use this contact form.
All suggestions, questions and other things related to this website are welcome.

I’m planning to add translations in the future.

Volunteers for translation are always welcome. Please note that I added some advertentions to this website to compensate the upkeep costs like the domain name and hosting still cost more than this website actually makes.

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